Katrina M. Sanders RDH, BSDH, M.Ed, RF






A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.
— Brad Henry

Katrina Sanders is a graduate and recipient of countless awards from the University of Minnesota’s School of Dentistry Division of Dental Hygiene.  She is proud to currently serve on the alumni society for one of the most prestigious dental schools in the country.


Upon moving to Phoenix, Arizona, Katrina sought opportunities to extend patient awareness beyond her operatory by exploring and performing non-traditional clinical roles such as developing outreach programs to further educate targeted populations.  Katrina coordinated and implemented educational programs through participating schools and their districts as well as holistic grocery stores.


Katrina’s professional career emerged as an educator when she attained full-time employment with a career college in Phoenix, Arizona.  Teaching both clinically and didactically in a variety of core dental hygiene content, Katrina employed her understanding of pedagogy with her theatre training to establish and maintain a unique and respectful learning environment.  During her time in these capacities, Katrina introduced and directed countless forms of program development and educational methodologies in a profound way, and her efforts were instrumental in programmatic accreditation by the Commission on Dental Accreditation.  In addition, Katrina spearheaded curriculum design, redesigned program objectives and created policy manuals.


Katrina also served as the faculty representative for community partnerships, led her faculty team and student organizations, completed audits for quality assurance and directly supervised all evaluations on students as well as faculty.  A physical manifestation of Katrina’s commitment to her professional development is in her written textbook focusing on preclinical dental hygiene studies and codeology.  Katrina has also been contracted to create curriculum for Bachelor’s degree completion and nationally recognized continuing education coursework in local anesthesia.  Katrina proudly holds her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership with distinction through Northern Arizona University as a Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society distinguished member recognized for her 4.0 GPA status.


Currently, Katrina practices as a clinical dental hygienist for multiple offices throughout the Phoenix/Scottsdale metro area where she refines her skills in laser therapy, local anesthesia delivery and the provision of care for special needs patients. 


Katrina is the owner of Katrina RDH, LLC, a company delivering continuing education coursework nationally to dentists and dental hygienists on a variety of core content.  In tandem with Dental Hygiene Culture, Katrina lectures on unique, fresh and innovative topics to dental professionals throughout the country.  Katrina was also a finalist with Smiles At Sea Dentistry's Got Talent 2017 event in which she lectured on point of service HbA1c testing for diabetic patients and the autoimmune disorder Celiac Disease.


She has also  developed and currently delivers a National Boards Preparatory course entitled "Sanders Board Preparatory".  This preparatory course is offered every spring and fall to dental hygiene students who wish to prepare for their examination and subsequent careers with passionate, caring and supportive education.


Katrina serves on the editorial board of ModernHygienist.com, a website dedicated to helping the dental hygiene community flourish and succeed. In addition, Katrina's published article "Gen Y Aren't They in Your Office" is featured in Dentaltown Magazine.  Katrina also writes dental hygiene articles for Today's RDH with Kara, RDH.


Katrina's 2018 includes a national tour with Smiles At C.E., a lectured codelology tour with Dental Hygiene Culture, spring and fall offerings of Sanders Board Preparatory under the support of sponsorships, and a lecture on Social Media through Smiles At Sea's trip to Cozumel, MX.


Stay tuned for additional publications and articles written by Katrina, as well as future continuing education opportunities delivered in a unique style.


Interests: Theatre, Choreography, Jazzercise, Pilates, Wine Sommelier, Cooking

Causes: dental care to underserved populations, music & theatre in school curricula, rescue of abused and neglected animals



"I enjoy the energy and passion Ms. Sanders brings to the classroom, and I can definitely tell that Ms. Sanders cares very much about the dental hygiene profession and the quality of treatment patients receive. I appreciate the way Ms. Sanders is open to questions and providing feedback in a constructive way."


"Ms. Sanders is an incredibly entertaining instructor. She is very patient and very understanding throughout the course. We are so fortunate to have her as such an amazing mentor. "


"Being in class and learning from Ms. Sanders is my favorite part. She knows so much and is a wonderful teacher. I truly did look forward to being in her class. She made all of her lectures fun; I believe I laughed in all of her lectures."


"I highly respect Ms. Sanders so it was nice to be able to learn from her and also get an insight as to how she teaches. I feel I have learned so much from her, and she consistently provides the tools necessary to be successful with my patients."


"Ms. Sanders' strong words of encouragement and willingness to understand the students' point of view are two great skills she possesses, and I'm honored to be her student.  Without her support or guidance as a lead instructor, I would feel lost.  I am grateful to have her in my corner.  Thank you, Ms. Sanders, for being you."


"Getting to learn from Ms. Sanders has been one of my most privileged experiences.  Ms. Sanders gave the same opportunity to every student, and made herself available to walk with her students along their journey.  She took extra time to analyze my learning style and meet with me in a place where I can grow as a student and dental hygienist.  She is a hard worker who shares her passions and commitments freely; this is where I have learned most.  By watching Ms. Sanders, I learned I didn't have to keep the love for what I'm doing a secret.  Thank you, Ms. Sanders, for always being an instructor that challenged me, and believed in me even when I had started giving up on myself."