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Disease Prevention and Infection Control

Abstract: This comprehensive topic discusses the implementation of the art and science of dental hygiene, beginning with a microbiological understanding of plaque, stain and calculus formation.  Discussion ofdentifrices, mouth rinses and fluorides gives way to an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of fluoride use, optimal fluoride levels, fluoride supplementation and treatment of fluoride toxicity.  Mechanism of sealant application and sealants in school programs are also discussed.  A brief discussion of xylitol incorporates an assessment of prevention of dental caries.  Govermental agencies that play a key role in regulations are discussed as well as the standard of care, risk of disease contraction and transmission of disease.  Principles of infection control, protective equipment and strategies to prevent disease transmission in nosicomal infections are discussed.

Requires registration to Fall 2017 Sanders Board Prep course.

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