Katrina M. Sanders RDH, BSDH, M.Ed, RF

The ABC's of HbA1c

Abstract: This 20-minute lecture reviews the recommended paradigm for the assessment of a diabetic patient.  Speaker will discuss the CDT-approved code scheduled to be released in 2018, permitting in-office point of service HbA1c testing as well as recommendations for patient (A) assessment, (B) blood sample gathering and (C) counseling.  Course is appropriate for dentists, dental specialties, dental hygienists and dental assistants.

Course Objectives:

· Review current recommendations for assessment and medical history gathering of a diabetic patient

· Identify equipment and the clinical provision for gathering HbA1c tests as related to the CDT-approved in-office point of service HbA1c testing code for 2018

· Discuss counseling strategies and guidelines for the implementation of dental services for diabetic patients

AutoImmune Disorders: Celiac Disease


Abstract: This 20-minute lecture reviews the journey one faces upon acquiring the signs and symptoms of an autoimmune disorder.  Speaker candidly discusses her personal journey with the diagnosis and sequelae of living with Celiac Disease.  Course is appropriate for dentists, dental specialties, dental hygienists and dental assistants.

Course Objectives:

· Understand signs and symptoms of an autoimmune disorder

· Identify steps taken to prevent the destruction associated with Celiac Disease

· Identify oral manifestations of autoimmune disorders as they relate to early diagnosis

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"Katrina is an amazing and passionate instructor. I have had the pleasure of working with her, and she consistently manages to gain profound respect not only from her colleagues, but also from her students. Her ongoing commitment to her students reflects both in their ability to absorb and retain knowledge. She upholds the utmost of professional standards, and exemplifies true leadership characteristics. It would my pleasure to endorse Katrina Sanders as a Master of Education."

Yvette Smith RDH, AAS, BA, MEd
Dental Hygiene Program Director
Northern Idaho College


"In my experience with dental professionals over the last 40 years not only in private practice but as a professor and clinical supervisor in the dental hygiene program at Fortis College, I must rate Katrina Sanders as one of the finest I have yet encountered. Ms Sanders has proven herself to be dependable, perceptive, highly self-motivated and to have demonstrated a special aptitude for organizational tasks and interpersonal relationships. She is a genuinely warm and caring individual of the highest integrity, who listens intently and takes her responsibility to disseminate information in a teaching format very seriously. She is polite, respectful, and a leader especially poised in stressful situations while maintaining a pleasant sense of humor and healthy emotional balance. Her vision of service through education transcends religious, national and cultural boundaries. Accordingly, I am pleased to support and endorse any and all opportunities to further her aspirations and professional vision as a dental educator."

Dr. Thomas French DDS
Supervising Dentist
Education Affiliates


"Katrina Sanders is an outstanding reflection and representative of the oral health professional community!  She embodies leadership potential with her extensive knowledge in field of Dentistry and she is capable of advancing oral health through her effortless collaborative abilities.  Katrina is extremely dedicated to the profession and her high standards promote excellence and success in her career as well as the organizations with which she is affiliated."

Vincent Torres, RDH, MHI
Program Supervisor, Community Health Action
Maricopa County Department of Public Health


"In the years that I had the privilege of working alongside Ms. Sanders, I was able to witness first-hand her commitment and passion for our profession.  Time and time again, Ms. Sanders demonstrated leadership, patience and charisma that not only contributed to a positive and upbeat work environment, but also gave our patients a diamond-experience where they would come back and request her by name.  Her attention to detail never faulted; she truly set the "gold-standard of care" in our large facility who catered to a wide variety special needs, geriatric and pedodontic patients."

Elaine Rodriguez, RDH
Owner, Instructor
Dental Hygiene Integrations, LLC


"Katrina is a remarkable team leader and person who is willing to commit endless hours and effort to her job. She always shows dedication in her work and constant willingness to go above and beyond. Katrina is someone who is not only interested in helping others but also a person who will not rest until she gets the job done. Her work ethic has proved to be mature beyond her years and I highly recommend Katrina Sanders."

Megan Joseph, RDH
Former Student



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